1.How fair and safe is a casino online?

As long as you select a casino that has a legal license and is visible around the web it is as safe as any other business online.

2. Can I give out my financial information online?

All casinos that are legal will have a system of payments and withdrawals that are secure.

3. How to select the best in a casino

If you are a real beginner, It is suggested that you select the casino download version two or three casinos or test play the casino slot games for free. Then you can choose what suits you best. Also, if there is any particular games you want to play or if you want the site to have the best free slots then make sure they have a best casino list.

4. What is betting and how does it work?

Betting is the same as current requirements.

5. Do I need to install the casino software.

Sure you can, most casinos have a flash or java version so that if you do not want, or cannot install the program. Look for the “flash casino”, “Java version”, “no download” or similar so you can play right in your browser.

6. How much of the casino’s operations goes back to the players?

You can read it on the casino site. Most often it is between 95% – 98% on average. You usually find the current month’s figures on the first page. The report usually linked at the bottom of the first page as “Pay-out report”.

7. How can I get my winnings?

You can select from any number of withdrawal choices. You can then contact the casino’s support team if you need any further advice.


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