Where and How to Play

Always play with money you can lose. No strategies and tips can transform the fact that a casino actually has an edge on all slot machines. Sure, you play to win, but you must also be prepared to lose. It’s no treat to play away next month’s food money or money that was for rent.


Always play the maximum bet, max bet. Do not you degrade your payout percentage. If you do not play not the maximum bet, then you will not win the biggest jackpots,  as they are set so that they do not fall out if you not set for the maximum bet.
Imagine that you are playing on a progressive slot machine and get the jackpot. You win “only” $ 5,000 when the progressive jackpot is perhaps at $ 500,000! Everything lost just because you did not bet the maximum bet, sour.


If you can not afford to play the maximum bet, replace the slot machine with a lower coin amount. There are slots games to suit everyone and any game playing budget.


Set goals for your game. Put a sum that if you win it, that you can stop playing for the day. You’ll feel more at ease if you leave the casino as a winner than a loser. Believe me, I know. The art of becoming a winning player is just learning to stop in time, to not continue and play away the winnings for that evening.


Same thing when you lose. Set an amount that you can play away. When the count is finished, quit play for the day. Money management as it is called is as important as game tips and strategies.


Self Discipline is a very important feature you should have. You should be able to take a loss without immediately trying to win it back, because eventually you might not be playing at all.
Look through the casino and understand the rules and paytables before playing. Bonus slots have special bonus prizes that require you to know what to do about the bonus prize payouts.

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